Cost Efficiency Posted by Premier Digital Displays December 19th, 2016

Low Overhead


Save Money. Reach A Bigger Audience.

Because the billboards are digital, there are no production costs, cutting needless overhead expenditure. They do not wear out or have specifically set contract times and campaigns can be run for any length of time. See Surveyed Results


Modern Advertising

Large Audience

Large Audience

Cost Effective

Cost Effective


As the future becomes the present, you want to be part of the new age by investing in digital billboards. They increase consumer awareness, cut out the needless overhead costs, allow for immediate feedback, and can even save lives. There is no more effective way to advertise and inform.


  • The cost per impression (CPI) beats television, regular outdoor, newspaper, and radio as does the cost per thousand (CPM). In addition to having a lower cost per person reached, the impression on the consumer that mobile billboards create is unsurpassed in the industry.
  • With the popularity of DVR, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. television commercials are quickly losing their effectiveness. People just fast forward through the commercials so why advertise on television?!
  • Newspapers and other print media are losing ground to the Internet at a record pace, and radio reaches a highly segmented audience with no loyalty and with the effectiveness of satellite radio, iTunes, Spotify, etc. the audience for local radio is dwindling rapidly!
  • Mobile billboards cannot be fast forwarded, turned off, or thrown away. Our digital billboards are big, bright, and beautiful. They will be seen and research shows that 97% of people that see it will remember the advertiser. With 186 square feet on HD video screens playing your messages every minute the exposure to the public will be huge!
  • Premier Digital Display’s takes your message to the consumer rather than waiting on the consumer to watch your commercial, listen to your commercial, read your ad in the paper they no longer subscribe to, go past your static or digital billboard on one artery in town! PDD will actively initiate the contact rather than passively wait on the consumer to see or hear your ad! This constantly builds huge reach & frequency with potential consumers!
  • Premier Digital Display’s offers Geo-Marketing to our clients so if you are a hospital, insurance company or a bank for example and want to specifically target a practice or branch we can do that. Once the mobile digital truck gets within a certain distance of that location the message can change to the one that is targeting that specific doctor’s office/banking center/insurance office, etc.


“Advertisers Are Growing Their Business With Mobile Digital Billboards! Mobile Digital Billboards are new, innovative and will cover the entire market every day! No other media does that…NONE!”

Recall Rate

Brand recall is high among travelers who notice digital billboards. Nielsen tested six different campaigns in five major U.S. markets and found that travelers recalled seeing at least one specific digital billboard ad from 74 to 89 percent of time. Top performing brand categories included entertainment, gaming, quick-service restaurants, recreation and televised sporting events.


The majority of respondents feel ads stand out more or just as much on digital billboards compared to other ad media. Seventy-one percent said “ads on digital billboards stand out more than ads online,” and 46 percent feel the same related to TV ads.

Consumer Action

Consumers are paying attention to the information presented to them and acting on it, whether they are drawn to a location featured on an ad, discussing the ad with friends and family, or attending an advertised event.

  • Recall Rate On AVG 97%
  • Recalled Advertisements In A Month 82%
  • Highly Engaged Audience 76%
  • Recalled Specific ADS 81%
  • Impressed Travelers 92%


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