A Solution for the Unique Aspects of Event Advertising
So, you are on the committee to get the word out about an upcoming event and you aren’t sure just how to go about it. You may have had plenty of experience with marketing and advertising for your company, which is why you got tagged to do the event advertising, but it just isn’t quite the same. Most advertising campaigns need long-term exposure to get the brand noticed for increased market share. Event advertising is short-term, so a 6-month billboard lease may not be a cost-effective solution. You also want to both hit your target audience, but also have the widest reach possible to gain attendance numbers from your event advertising. One solution is digital mobile billboard advertising, and there are several reasons why this is a great route to go.

First, digital mobile billboard advertising makes it easy to reach a huge number of people and by selecting the best routes and times, you’ll reach those who really want to know about your event. People are spending more time outdoors and commuting than ever before, so this is an ideal way to reach them, including those who don’t notice other media options for one reason or another.

Second, you can easily change the display should something change with your event. Just got a great additional speaker? Putting ticket prices on sale? Whatever changes, you can be on top of it in moments. Finally, when the event is over, cancelled or tickets have all been sold, the event advertising is discontinued in just a few moments. This saves you valuable time and lets you focus on your next task.

Here at Premier Digital Displays, we offer digital trucks that are specifically designed to deliver your event advertising where you need it most. With both video and sound capability and free unlimited changes, you will have a handle on your event advertising in a way no other media can offer. Contact us today to discuss your event!