Event Screens

It seems like people these days are magnetically attracted to screens. Big or small, we love them all! It makes sense, therefore, that many of us have started using event screens at our events. After all, what better way to get people to pay attention to something than by putting it on a screen? You might wonder if your event really needs an event screen, and we have come up with a few scenarios to help you answer that question.

First, is your event in a large area? Attended by many people? Large areas are just begging to have the space filled by a larger event screen. Not only can you show things like pictures of a happy couple on their wedding day, but you can provide information about your company at a corporate event, even provide your guests with things like menus or agendas. Additionally, you can coordinate between many event screens to give directions if you would like your guests in one area at the same time.

Second, will your event be a noisy one? Gatherings and festivals are often a lot of fun, but are also very loud. If you want to help your guests locate important areas like restrooms, exits, and attractions, an event screen can help show them the way.

Finally, will everyone be able to see the main attraction at your event? Unless you happen to have a venue that has stadium seating, large groups make it impossible for some people to see what is happening. Live streaming on an event screen or two eliminates this problem and helps everyone feel included!

Check in with your local event screen experts at Premier Digital Displays for more information.