How Festival Screens Boost Attendance
A festival is different than other types of events in that you don’t have a set number of tickets to sell. The more people that come by, the better the profits for the festival and the vendors. How can you spread the word about a festival and keep doing so while it runs? This can be accomplished with festival screens. Festival screens are digital displays on trucks specially designed to deliver engaging, multi-media content in high resolution. Images and video with sound are possible.

So, what does this mean for your upcoming festival? Simple — lots of exposure! The trucks drive around local streets, highways, and parking lots on the best routes at the best times as decided by your festival committee. Not only are you able to inform everyone about the festival, but you can spark their interest and get everyone talking both about the festival and the innovative festival screens.

And, here’s something other media can’t do that festival screens can – update quickly! That means you can put footage from the festival (image or video) on at any time during the festival. Some people hold out because they aren’t sure what to expect, especially if it is a first-time festival. By using festival screens that show others what they are missing, you give them the opportunity to head on over to have fun.

Here at Premier Digital Displays, the festival screens on our trucks include a 102-inch side screen and 82-inch rear screen. You can make unlimited changes to your advertisements at no additional cost, so if you need to make a change to announce a new vendor, new entertainment, or something else, it is simple and doesn’t cost you a thing. Call us today and let’s get to work on this year’s festival advertising!