Key Benefits of Outdoor Advertising
We survived the economic woes of a few years ago and for most of us, life is back to normal. One carryover of that period is that many people in their exhaustive search for employment found themselves with longer commutes. A savvy businessperson can put that fact to work for them by putting extra attention into outdoor advertising. That doesn’t mean just the big billboards these commuters see each day, but also the many other surfaces where advertising is showing up. People are also spending more time outdoors than before, not just commuting, so outdoor advertising makes sense. Here are the key benefits involved that make this such an important part of any marketing campaign:

  • Attention-Grabbing – Outdoor advertising is more attention-grabbing because it doesn’t compete with other ads like it would on television or other mediums.
  • Cost-Effective – The return on investment is believed to be higher with outdoor advertising than with many other methods, which results in a level of cost-effectiveness that is hard to beat.
  • Huge Reach – With outdoor advertising, you reach many different segments of society, including lower income consumers and extremely busy people that can be difficult to reach by other methods.
  • Location – Someone headed to a shopping center may not remember the ad they saw on television a few days ago, but they are likely to remember the outdoor advertising they saw in that vital last window of influence period before shopping.
  • Likability – Often, people view ads as invasive and annoying, but oddly enough, they don’t think that about outdoor advertising. Digital mobile billboards, for example, are considered entertaining and a welcome distraction by many.

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