Digital Display Advertising, New York, NY

We are taking digital display advertising in New York to the next level.

Digital Display Advertising in New York, New York

Has your company spent a significant amount of money on traditional outdoor billboards, TV advertising and radio advertising? Are you looking for something different and unique? Do you want to be truly in control of your advertising, with the option to make changes when you think it is necessary, without paying large fees? Sounds like you need to know about us at Premier Digital Displays. We are taking digital display advertising in New York, New York to the next level right.

Here are some of the things you should know about our digital display advertising options:

  • We can help you grab the attention of a specific target audience where they work, live, sleep and play.
  • Our trucks come equipped with three large commercial, weatherproof LED displays. There is a 102-inch screen on each side of the truck and an 82-inch screen on the rear of the truck. All three screens are high-resolution and super bright. They can still be seen in full sunlight.
  • The trucks are equipped to deliver video and sound to people who are walking, biking or driving near them.
  • Our advertising can be geo-specific. The message can change based on the location.
  • We offer free unlimited changes to your advertisements because we know you need to keep advertising fresh to keep it effective.

If you are ready to truly grab the attention of your target audience on street level, it is time to give us a call. We can deliver your digital display advertising in real time and can even change the message throughout the day.

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